Ten reasons your beard and my period are not as similar as you’d think

Ok so, there has been a lot in the media lately about the ‘Tampon Tax’ and why GST should be removed from all sanitary items. Many believe it should, whilst some believe it shouldn’t. Some of those who believe it shouldn’t be removed are using the argument that to remove GST on sanitary items is unfair because it hasn’t been removed from men’s shaving products. And if sanitary items are exempt, so should shaving products because men can’t choose not to grow facial hair any more than a woman can’t choose not to have a period.

Street Stories: Way back when

(“Super heroes and villains. When we used to pretend. We’d go wherever our minds would take us. Way back when.”)

He was crying so hard he could hardly breathe. Blood started pouring out of his nose and I had to stop the car. I pulled over to help him.

Through his tears and his fight just to breath he told me, “I love her. I just want to go home. I want us both to go home but she won’t look after us. Why? Why can’t she just look after us and we can go home?”

Street Stories: Years Ago -- (*Trigger warning* Mentions suicide)

I can remember the look on her face when they told her she was going back. She tried to smile, because they were smiling, and she giggled that nervous laugh. The one where you know something bad is going to happen but the people around you are trying to make light of it. But as much as she tried to laugh, she couldn’t. And then the tears started. That’s when my parents broke down too.

Five Reasons You Should Not Help the Homeless.

1. You have some old ripped threadbare clothes you’d like to throw out and you just know the homeless are desperate for anything: No, they’re not. Just like you and I, people experiencing homelessness also like to wear clothes that don’t look like they’ve been dragged backwards through the mud. They also like their clothes not to have holes in them, old dogs sleeping on them, moths chewing on them or mould growing off them. And they also like elastic that works. So, if you have old threadbare clothes, ripped, torn, smelly clothes, throw them out.