** A big Thank You!**

We were absolutely thrilled to receive a call last week to tell us we had won a grant from the Bank of Melbourne Neighborhood fund. This is such an incredible gift and will enable us to buy the van we so desperately need to continue our outreach work and deliver more Period Packs to those in need. Up until now we've been using our own cars to get everything out, pick up donations and deliver orders to the agencies we support.

MEN-struation week - Francis (Frank) Wilkinson

Today's MEN-Struation champion during our 5-7 days of manly recognition to the homeless period cause is Francis (Frank) Wilkinson. Frank is pictured here receiving the Latrobe City Australia Day Recognition Award for Community Service.

Frank is a Morewell committee member and chief tampon counter! The Gippsland Period Project is well supported by many men in the Gippsland community but Frank is a bit of a stand out.

MEN-struation week - Matt from Prism Studios

Meet Matt. Matt owns Prism Studios and is our next feature guy in our MEN-struation week special where we highlight the men behind the scenes at MPP who donate their time and talents to help this charity run as effectively as it does.

Matt is a videographer and donated his time to MPP by following us around the streets taking video shots of what we do at the warehouse and turning that footage into two quality videos we used in grant proposals that we actually went on to win! One of them being for our new van!

MEN-struation week - Nude Dudes Candles

This week is MEN-struation week!

We're going to be highlighting the men in our lives who support menstruation and the homeless period.

There are quite a few fellas behind the scenes who aren't shy of a tampon and do a lot of great work to help us out at MPP. We think they deserve a little credit.

To start off, we're thrilled to be the chosen charity for Nude Dudes Candles for the months of January to March.

Man with a Van

It was a bit awesome to have Ben and Leonardo from Man With A Van donate their time and services today! They took a few dozen of our fully stocked backpacks to Launch Housing for us, to add to the Christmas appeal.

These backpacks are the ones you all donated and it's great to see them heading off to their recipients in time for Christmas.

Given we're a 100% not for profit charity we rely heavily on the generosity of companies like Man with a Van to deliver a quality service to the people and organisations we support.